Broward Woman Hit by Stray Bullet While Watching Fireworks

The warnings come out every year, and yet every year, it happens. A woman was watching fireworks with her family yesterday when she was struck by a stray bullet.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, April Johnson, 26, was watching a fireworks show in Fort Lauderdale when she suddenly noticed a sharp pain in her leg.

When she looked down, she saw she had been gushing blood from her thigh.

The incident happened in the 200 block of NW 28th Avenue around 9 p.m. Johnson was visiting her brother and family for the Fourth of July holiday.

She was reportedly sitting in a chair outside near the street, watching the fireworks when the stray bullet hit her leg.

The Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue was called to the scene. They immediately took her to Broward Health Medical Center.

There doctors confirmed that it was indeed a gunshot wound.

According to police, Johnson did not have the bullet removed and is supposed to have a follow-up visit with doctors.

Year after year, officials warn people to not use firearms to celebrate. People are usually struck by stray bullets during New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July.

Apparently people forget that whatever goes up... must come back down.

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