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Broward Woman Steals Identities of Active U.S. Marines, Nearly Scams $50K

As far as identity thieves go, Coral Springs resident Dorothy Boulin is among the scummiest.

Last week, Boulin was sentenced to five years in prison and three years' probation for running a scam that pilfered the social security numbers of U.S. Marines and filed fraudulent tax claims in their names.

Court documents show that at least one of the victims was actively serving in Afghanistan when Boulin filed a tax claim using his social security number.

The scam started back in December of last year, when Boulin sold a confidential informant an envelope stuffed with "more than 100 photocopies of driver's license identification cards and social security cards," as well as more than 200 names, with dates of birth and social security info.

She also provided the informant with computer software to file the fraudulent claims, from which she expected to get a cut of the profits.

Soon after the transaction, the FBI called up the software company and got it to create a filter that would allow Boulin to file tax claims without forwarding them along to the IRS.

All said, Boulin filed at least a dozen unauthorized claims that totaled more than $50,000.

However, she apparently got upset when things were taking longer than expected. To resolve the issue, she called the software company and lodged a complaint.

On January 24, an FBI agent posing a customer service rep from the software company called Boulin back and explained that a glitch in the software had caused some problems. Boulin complained some more and said she had filed 14 tax claims in the previous two weeks.

A few weeks later, the feds arrested her.

It was later revealed that a U.S. Marine from Miami named Jobson Cenor had provided Boulin with the list of names and social security numbers of his comrades over in Afghanistan.

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