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Broward Woman Who Seduces, Drugs, and Robs Men Is on the Loose, BSO Says

On a sultry evening in early March, Robert Cournoyer met a beautiful mysterious woman at an upscale restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

She was exotic, possibly Hispanic, in her late 20s, and very much into him. She said her name was Crystal.

Cournoyer would invite Crystal to his home to continue the torrid evening in private.

The very next day, Cournoyer would find himself waking up on the floor, his head spinning from a drug-induced stupor.

He would also awake with $6,000 in cash and four $100,000 watches missing from his home and no sign of the beautiful woman he had met and had drinks with the previous night.

According to Broward Sheriff's Office detectives, Cournoyer, 45, ran into the mystery woman at the restaurant on the night of March 3.

The two chatted it up, and things quickly got amorous.

Cournoyer invited Crystal back to his place in Pompano Beach, and she accepted without demur.

Once there, Crystal offered Cournoyer a drink and made him a vodka cocktail that, according to BSO, took about half an hour to mix.

She handed the drink to Cournoyer. She drank directly from the bottle.

Not long after, Cournoyer would fall into a haze and pass out.

Crystal quickly went to work. She grabbed $6,000 worth of his cash, as well as his personal collection of watches: two Rolexes, a Cartier, and a Paniere -- all valued at $80,000 to $100,000.

Crystal then took Cournoyer's cell phone and deleted all the contact info he had of her. Just as mysteriously as she arrived in his life, she was gone.

Cournoyer wouldn't regain consciousness until the next afternoon, when he found his home ransacked and his cash and high-end watches missing.

A BSO sketch artist was able to make a composite sketch of the woman who calls herself "Crystal," with Cournoyer's help. She's described as possibly Hispanic and in her late 20s.

Broward Sheriff's Office detectives believe that Crystal handed Cournoyer a tainted cocktail that knocked him out. They're also reportedly investigating similar cases that may involve Crystal or other women.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about Crystal to contact Det. Ron Cusumano at 954-786-4200 or report information anonymously at 954-493-TIPS (8477) or online at

Crime Stoppers or Broward County will pay up to $1,000 for an anonymous tip that leads to an arrest.

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