Broward's Deadbeat Businesses

Well, the businesses that haven't paid their 2007 taxes (yeah, there's a bit of backlog at county revenue collection) on their furniture and equipment have been served with their notices, and it's a pretty interesting list.

One well-known fellow who had to deal with a notice was Scott Rothstein, the big shot Fort Lauderdale lawyer with the bodyguards (Rothstein called me to say he doesn't use bodyguards anymore; he uses a police detail that he pays to guard his house) with more money than God who's on that new cringe-inducing Broward Boulevard billboard with Dan Marino. Rothstein's Bova Prime steak house on Las Olas Boulevard got slapped with a notice for about $6,000 in taxes owed. But you can't hold Rothstein to blame; he's not the deadbeat. It comes from a previous owner, Zucca Inc. Rothstein says it's not his responsibility because the property in question is no longer at the restaurant. But even if it were, Rothstein ought to have that kind of chump change under the cushions of his couch.      

One of the largest deadbeats on the list is the well-heeled and well-tended Bonaventure Country Club, which owes $39,000. The biggest of all is Del Val Publishing Corp. in Sunrise, which owes $60,000. The I believe defunct Little Mermaid Restaurant in Pompano Beach owes $43,000 dating back to 2002. HiTech Welding in Fort Lauderdale owes $40,000. Those four are the worst, dollar-amount-wise.  

Gas stations, as a group, seem to have a problem paying their taxes even as they squeeze us at the pump. There are a lot of stations on the list, led by Marathon Gas in Lauderdale Lakes ($21,000), Marathon Oil in Pompano Beach ($25,000), the Chevron on Westview Drive in Coral Springs ($21,500), the Citgo on Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale ($17,000), and the City Hall Citgo in Coral Springs ($28,000).  

The New Auto Toy Store on Federal Boulevard is short $3,350, which shouldn't be hard for it to pay since the place sells cars that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Medical companies are notoriously late on tax payments, and on this list is the Las Olas Medical Group ($5,000), Lauderdale Medical Equipment ($15,000), A-1 Open MRI in Coral Springs ($30,000), Be Well Medical Rehab ($17,500), and Urgent Med in Davie ($13,000).  

If the equipment at the popular Downtown Gym and Fitness Club on Broward Boulevard in downtown Fort Lauderdale disappears, you'll know it was probably confiscated by the government to be put up for auction. The gym owes the county $10,000.

Dunkin Donuts seems to be a bit of a chronic offender, with five stores (in Hollywood, Plantation, and Sunrise) coming up delinquent. Quizno's and Subway also have shops in arrears, the former four and the latter two.

If you get your TV from Dish Network, remind them they owe the county $1,500 in back taxes. Marina 84 and the Marina Mile Shipyard at the port are delinquent (about $10,000 and $36,000 respectively). Two DiSalvo's restaurants (in Lighthouse Point and Hollywood) owe a total of about $10,000. Johnny Carino's in Sunrise owes $25,000. That's a lot of meatsaballs.

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