Broward's Royalty Talk About Feds, Gifts

You must listen to this (courtesy of Scott Wyman). It's simply not getting enough views (75 after two days? Who says Broward County is apathetic about local politics?).

And while listening remember that both Stacy Ritter and Ken Keechl are both at least tangentially subjects of the FBI investigation of Mutual Benefits, one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history. Ritter's husband, Russ Klenet, is knee-deep in that mess. Keechl defended the scam in court against victim who lost their life savings and his long-time law partner, Michael McNerney, was indicted for it. It's hard to believe this pair is actually the mayor and vice mayor of Broward County, but you get what you vote for. (And Thomas Francis was good enough to transcribe part of their coven meeting that occurred during Ritter's weekend radio show).

With that Blago hair and sassy judgement, Keechl ought to get a shot at reviving Queer Eye after he gets out of politics. Who knew he was such a little bitch-queen?




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