BSO Conducting DUI Checkpoint Tonight

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Woo-hoo.

That means three-day weekend, beaches, BBQs, and no more wearing white for the rest of the year. It also means getting totally friggin' SLOSHED!

So, there's a DUI checkpoint being conducted by the Broward Sheriff's Office on Friday night that you should know about -- even though you should already have yourself a designated driver, anyway.

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Broward Sheriff's Office says the DUI checkpoint will be going down in Oakland Park at 1701 E. Oakland Park Blvd. on Friday night into Saturday morning.

The checkpoint is scheduled to be conducted between 9 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Saturday.

The Broward Sheriff's Office DUI unit, along with partnering law enforcement agencies, will be conducting the checkpoint.

This means they'll be looking for anyone who looks like they were hitting the holiday Jell-O shots a little too hard.

"Remember never to operate a vehicle or a vessel when you are under the influence," Sheriff Scott Israel said via BSO. "It's the fastest way to turn a terrific weekend into a tragedy."

The purpose of the checkpoint, as ever, is to detect and apprehend drunk drivers who are an immediate threat to other drivers, other people, and themselves. And to make sure motorists have the proper vehicle documents, including driver's licenses, registration, and insurance.

So if you're going out tonight to get things rolling early, be sure to have all your documents. And be sure to not drink. And if you must drink, get someone sober to drive, or call yourself a cab.

Have fun. Be safe. And be smart.

Coming back to work on Tuesday will suck. But at least you'll be alive.

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