BSO Conducting "DUI Saturation Patrol" During Fourth of July Weekend

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Now that you have your entire day free and know how you plan to celebrate America's butt-kicking of Britain, here's what you need to know:

The Broward Sheriff's Office will be conducting a countywide DUI saturation patrol today and throughout the remainder of the holiday weekend.

Officers from the BSO, along with the DUI Task Force, will be actively enforcing DUI laws and identifying impaired drivers all across the county today, Saturday, and Sunday.

Where exactly is this happening?

"No specific location," BSO Officer Gina Carter tells New Times. "It is happening countywide."

Hence the saturation part.

Which means that officers will be actively looking for you drunks.

With that in mind, the BSO wanted to remind you that a cab ride would probably only cost you about $20 (in reality, it's more like $40, but you get the gist), but a DUI ticket will run you in the thousands.

So, instead of getting behind the wheel totally sloshed, either get yourself a designated driver, or call a Broward cab.

Whatever it is you do, have a plan. That way you get home alive, you don't harm an innocent motorist, and you keep yourself out of jail.

BSO's DUI Task Force proactively enforces Florida's DUI laws and work with other law enforcement agencies as well as the State Attorney's Office.

So, unless you wanna end up on our Mugshot Monday looking all ridiculous in the ultimate public shaming, and have your Independence Day holiday wrecked in the process, best not to drink and drive.


(Seriously, get a designated driver.)

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