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BSO Looking for "Beer-Bellied Duffer"

The Broward Sheriff's Office has a rather weird streak for ridiculing its criminal suspects in advance of apprehending them. Like in this release from a few minutes ago:

A casually dressed man who looked like he should have been watching golf from his recliner instead robbed a Citibank Saturday afternoon, and the entire caper was caught on surveillance video.

Detectives are hoping someone recognizes the beer-bellied duffer who walked in with a threatening note and walked out with a paper bag full of cash. The robber stood about 6-feet-tall and weighed 250 pounds. He was wearing a Titleist golf cap, a white, golf shirt, baggy, grey shorts and black sneakers.

  Back in March, BSO began another news release about a Pompano Beach bank robbery suspect in this fashion:
A pretty smile might go unnoticed, but rotten teeth are hard to forget.
Nasty -- and it actually works! For weeks they mocked that poor bastard and by the time he was a household name, they'd caught him.
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