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Buffy With Another Friend

The Palm Beach Post busts mayoral candidate Al Zucaro for having "racy" friends on his MySpace web site. Namely a bunch of E-whores and second-rate skin models. Reporter Thomas R. Collins reports that Zucaro, a prototypical old fat guy (at least by MySpace standards) was "livid" when he learned of his lurid buddies, which include the heavily siliconed Buffy Van Norton (who announces on her site: "I want to be your favorite hello & your hardest goodbye" and "I'm addicting and expensive like cocaine") and the Suicide Girls. "For Zucaro, it was a taste of the perils that come with using the Web for campaigning," writes Collins, adding that the politico wiped all the friends from his site immediately.

A couple things that linger in the mind: How could Zucaro be so surprised? Didn't he have to approve those friends? If not him, who? A campaign worker? I'm just not buying he didn't know those chicks were on his site (and I bet he thought it made him look hip and young). Another: Politicians should stay the hell off of MySpace. His opponent, Lois Frankel, calls it creepy, and it's true. Not the friends thing, but his very presence on site. Like we want to know that Zucaro is "straight" and a Pisces. Where he was supposed to list his heroes, he wrote: "You are my hero! We need to prove that VOTES count not money and its powers. Lowis has negelicted our desires for years and its time to show her what WE want."

So we find out he's not only an abject panderer, but also half-illiterate.

This, however, is a very small story -- one that will have no effect on the campaign. I urge you all to check out the NT site later today for a little ditty by Tom Francis on Frankel, Zucaro's opponent. One thing it is isn't is small.

After the jump: A New Crime Blog on the Block

Gary y Donna

The Daily Profiler is a new blog put together by high-profile criminal profiler Pat Brown and her investigator Donna Weaver. Brown is a regular on cable news networks where she analyzes the crimes of the day and Weaver, well, the Coral Springs resident learned about crime the hard way. Her husband, Gary Weaver, was murdered in the Bahamas in 1983. His body has never been found and neither the American nor Bahamian governments seemed like they wanted to find it. Maybe because Gary was, unknown to Donna, hanging with some drug smugglers connected to crooked FBI agent Dan Mitrione, who covered up murders and allowed hundreds of kilos of cocaine to enter the country before he was caught and wrist-slapped. I wrote an opus on the case in 2005. It was in the heart of the cocaine cowboys days, so nobody cared about Gary -- except Donna, who had two baby girl twins to take care of when he disappeared.

An update: The U.S. Attorney's Office has begun to cooperate with lackadaisical Bahamian investigators on the Weaver case. This thing could still be solved.

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