Buju Banton Issues Statement After Judge Delays Resentencing

A set of motions filed Monday night delayed the resentencing of reggae singer Buju Banton on a federal gun charge.

One motion again asked for the judge to reconsider resentencing Buju, while the other requested an entirely new trial on all charges based on New Times reporting that indicates a juror may have violated court orders during the trial.

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The prosecutor has asked that the judge first decide whether to grant a new trial and conduct an evidentiary hearing before addressing the reconsideration of the sentence on the gun charge.

Additional hearings have not yet been scheduled.

Following the latest development, Buju, who has been moved from federal lockup in Miami to Pinellas County, issued the following statement through a support page:

To those who stood with me through these trying times, who prayed with me, who wrote letters and called on my behalf, my family and I thank you so much. It has certainly not been an easy road but I will never give up the fight until I am once again reunited with my people and my family... Even then, that's when the struggle begins, because I must continue fighting for those who I have met and seen their plight and how they are being "felonized" by the government and disenfranchised and violated by the very laws that should be protecting their properties and persons... If you only knew, I pray that this great nation would regain consciousness and defend truth and rights like they should and stand united against a common enemy -- injustice. Thanks again for your support."

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