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Bullet Found on Florida School Bus; Schools in Area Under Modified Lockdown

As if things aren't tense and angst-ridden enough, now comes a report from Tampa of a bullet being found on a school bus.

Tampa-area schools Turner Elementary, Liberty Middle, and Wharton High are under a "modified lockdown" after officials confirmed there was a bullet found on one of their buses.

Students had already been dropped off at their respective schools before the discovery was made.

Fox Tampa Bay reports that the bullet was found by a female middle-school student who attends Liberty. The girl gave the bullet to the bus driver, who immediately contacted officials.

The report also says that police boarded the bus and searched the students and backpacks but found nothing.

According to officials, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and Tampa Police are interviewing all of the students who rode the bus. 

Students are also having their bags and backpacks searched by authorities, but it's not yet clear if this is a second search.

Even before the bullet discovery was reported, Hillsborough police had sent plainclothes officers to elementary schools throughout the county Monday, following the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, this past Friday.

Because of the discovery, all three schools have been ordered under a "modified lockdown," which basically means recess, P.E., and other outdoor activities are allowed (as opposed to an actual lockdown, where students and teachers are not to leave their classrooms).

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