Burnie Reed Arrested in Shooting of His Pregnant Ex and Her Sister

Cops told us late last month that they were looking for 19-year-old Burnie Reed, who they believe was arguing with his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the street, then shot the woman's sister in the head when she tried to step in. Police say Reed then chased down his ex, shot her in the head and fled the scene. The girlfriend survived; the 21-year-old sister didn't.

They caught him late last night -- with what looks like a ridiculous left hook. A previous mugshot of Reed is to the right; check the jump for a picture of what he looked like after he "became combative" when police found him, according to a press release, "concealing himself under a massive pile of clothing and furniture."

Reed is now charged with one count of murder, one of attempted murder, and two counts of resisting arrest, which he appears to have done with only one side of his face.

He was tracked down to the 3400 block of N.W. 4th Court by what Fort Lauderdale Police say was a combination of their fugitive detectives, the FBI Violent Crime Fugitive Task Force, Lauderhill Police, and the Secret freaking Service. Too bad for Reed the best he could do was hide in a hamper.

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