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Buy Out Or Sell Out?

Barba (Read The Jump)

Here's a message that came in my Pulp box from a reader who doesn't feel the love for the Sun-Sentinel. Make of it what you will. I have nothing to add, except that there's a whole slew of people who might buy the Tribune company, so I wouldn't confine the speculation only to Gannett.

=========================== "Well, well, well... the buyouts being offered by Earl "How Can I Help You With A Useless 'Help' Team?" Maucker aren't going so well. On the one hand, who can imagine staying at this wrectched place, which denigrates journalism and insults the reader (i.e. the Help(less) Team) on a daily basis? One can only come to the conclusion that the offer isn't sweet enough.

The word from the Las Olas ivory tower is that less than half of the needed people have agreed, making one wonder if there's cuts coming to the Pulitzer-winning (oops, I mean the largest newspaper in the USA that's never won a Pulitzer) paper.

Could it be that the Editor Of The Year is simply trimming the staff to make the paper more appealing to, oh, GANNETT?" ==========================

After the jump: A Throwdown On The American Idol Pics

Just picked up the story on the "racy" photos of American Idol knockout Antonella Barba that have surfaced on the Internet on the Palm Beach Post home page. I've noticed that the Post throws some tabloid bones to its Web readers every now and then and I don't mind it a bit. I know such stories are useless and probably harmful to the collective American soul, but hell, you know they're entertaining.

And when I saw this story, I knew the site to hit for the full story: Burt Kearns' Tabloid Baby. In these matters, he can always be counted on, so if you feel like wallowing in the muck, head on over to check out Kearns' first-rate work.

(By the way, that second picture is not Barba. It's actress Mischa Barton smoking a joint in a car. I saw it on a link from TB and, for some reason, felt compelled to post it.)

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