When cashing fake checks, you need the right lollipop.
When cashing fake checks, you need the right lollipop.

Calm and Cool Grandpa Picks Out Lollipops While Cashing Fake Check

A smooth senior citizen sauntered into an Oakland Park bank on February 9 and cashed a fake check worth $1,315. But he wasn't satisfied with the money. He also took a few of those free lollipops.

BSO is looking for the sly suspect. They say he was calm and cool while committing the crime, chatting up the cashier as he plopped the worthless bank note on the counter. As she counted out his bills, Gramps picked out Dum-Dums from a bowl -- and he didn't settle for any flavors, either.

Old School was specific about his sweets.

The conniving con presented himself as Erick Johnson from Chicago who was owed $1,300 from Bolender Family Enterprises, an Oakland Park business. But Thomas Bolender, the head Bolender, says he has never heard of an Erick Johnson from Chicago, much less one he owed more than $1,300.

BSO says not only was the check fake, but so was the ID used to cash it.

As for where the check came from, cops suspect it was originally a $100 made out to a lock smith that was altered to be for much more.

Despite the tact tactics of the elderly embezzler, who cops believe is in his 70s, everything was caught on surveillance video. BSO is putting the footage out there and they hope somebody will drop the dime. Meanwhile, Gramps will be sucking on a Dum-Dum with a smile.

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