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Can I Also Be Sentenced to House Arrest in a House Like Rubinstein's?

Steven Michael Rubinstein is the Boca Raton accountant who was caught by the IRS concealing some $6 million in assets with the help of his friends at UBS. So he sang like the proverbial canary about those friends in exchange for which he just received a very lenient sentence: one year of house arrest and three years of probation.

The only question I have: In which of Rubinstein's many homes will he pay this debt to society? The Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's database shows his name on three adjoining units in the opulent Sea Ranch Club. But I'll bet he intends to hole up in the $3.5 million home he owns in the Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club.

After the jump, join me in tormenting yourself with the details of how vastly superior his house arrest is to your current (and in my case, future) living accommodations.

Rubinstein's gulag is roughly 10,000 square feet, much of it marble-floored. There are five bedrooms. Five full baths and one half. It borders the Intracoastal, with a dock -- yes, it's safe to assume our naughty accountant has a yacht of some sort. Also, it has an elevator.

The poor soul. But let's cut Rubinstein a little slack. As loathsomely wealthy as he is, his cooperation stands to bring a great many other even more loathsome misers to justice. This blog has endorsed the feds' rat-out-your-banker program.

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