Canada Claims Boca Tennis Star as Its Own, But Jesse Levine Has Final Say

Ever since Jesse Levine's improbable run into Wimbledon's third round, Canadians have been trying to claim the promising 21-year-old as their standard-bearer in tennis. But Levine and his family moved to Boca Raton when he was 13. That gave the Ottawa native a chance to enjoy the patronage of the U.S. Tennis Association and he credits it for a breakthrough in his tennis game. While he was back in the North last week, Levine told the Ottawa Citizen:

"Growing up, I never really got too much help from Tennis Canada. The USTA has helped me out a lot since the day I went there and they stuck behind me. It's a tough situation sometimes, but I know I did the right thing and I'm happy to play for the United States."

Besides bragging rights, Levine could have been a force on Canada's Davis Cup team. That tournament pits players against one another based on their national identity. And even if Levine was born and has spent the majority of his life in Canada, he said in June he plays under an American flag.

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