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Carjacking Suspect Jumps Into the Ocean to Get Away From Cops

A man who allegedly carjacked an SUV in Fort Lauderdale tried to get away from law enforcement this morning by jumping into the ocean and swimming away near the intersection of East Las Olas Avenue and A1A.

Spoiler alert: He didn't get very far.

According to police, the suspect attempted to snatch a purse and car keys from a Paradise Bank employee as she was getting out of her vehicle. The woman apparently tried to fight with the man off before he jumped into her car and sped away, heading eastbound toward the beach.

Cops spotted the stolen SUV between Las Olas Boulevard and Seabreeze Boulevard and gave chase.

That's when the man rammed through a bus bench and hit a power pole before stopping at a public parking lot, probably because the parking fines on Fort Lauderdale beach are so damned stiff.

The suspect then jumped out of the vehicle and ran onto the beach toward the water as he shed his shoes and some of his clothes, jumped into the ocean, and began to swim away. But because he's not Aquaman and because swimming fast in the ocean on the beach is pretty much impossible, with or without clothes, the cops eventually caught him.

The incident began shortly before 9 this morning. Police have not yet announced the suspect's charges as of this afternoon.

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