Carlton Moore's Little Secret


Call Them Boca Rats

A few stories this morning demand to be given space here. The first comes from the Broward Times. Yes, Elgin Jones has struck again, this time with a major scoop about Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Carlton Moore's involvement in a behind-the-scenes land land grab in the Sistrunk area. "Now, credible sources ... have revealed that Moore may have organized a group of silent investors to acquire Sistrunk properties. If so, Moore may now be engaged in a desperate attempt to save this group's money from going up in smoke," Jones writes in this week's edition.

You mean Moore wasn't doing all this out of the goodness of his heart? What a shocking surprise. Look, what is known is that there was an investment group and Moore had some involvement. What exactly that involvement was -- and whether he personally profited -- remains to be seen. Jones has known about this for many months but sat on it in deference to the FBI. But the feds dawdled so long that Jones decided to bust out the story. It'll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

-- And this story from the AP's Brian Skoloff in Boca Grande makes my little post-Wilma rat problem seem like nothing at all. The island is infested with ... iguanas.

-- And from the Key West Citizen, Timothy O'Hara tells us about an accusation that former Backstreet Boy and Paris Hilton prop Nick Carter sexually assaulted a woman at a former city commissioner's "compound" in Key West. I like this quote from the Tim Oosterhaudt, the commish: "Nick is a world-class musician who just got off tour with the Backstreet Boys. He has hundreds of women waiting for him after concerts." Sure, the stuff about the chicks is probably true. But world-class musician? C'mon. And his "assistant" was involved? You can hear it now. "Chauncey, put down the cell phone and take the girl's clothes off. No ... no ... I DON'T CARE if she doesn't want to do it ... Chauncey, not in that orifice. In the OTHER one. There, that's it. Now go and fetch me a Red Bull. This is going to take a while."

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