Carole Crist's Strangely Secret Cameo in Palm Beach

If the governor's wife holds a cancer-awareness event and no one is there to witness it, did it really happen?

Yesterday, Carole Crist spoke at a luncheon at the Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach. Her goal was to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. But only about a dozen people attended the event, in part

because Crist just scheduled her appearance a few weeks before, according to the Palm Beach Daily News . Seems like a strange way for a first lady to champion a cause, no?

Then again, Crist has never been a conventional political spouse. In her brief tenure as Florida's most unlikely wife, she's made few public appearances with her husband, and has continued to travel frequently to New York, where her children and ex-hubby Todd Rome live. It's almost as if she never got the memo about the importance of staying by her man's side and combatting rumors that he's Florida's own Larry Craig.

Alas, Charlie Crist is now trying to win the Republican nomination for Senate, so it's high time his wife found herself a good, non-controversial charitable cause.

A word of advice for next time, Carole. Try to invite a few more people, OK? The papers can't write fluff headlines if no one knows you're there.

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