Carter Johnson Gives His Detailed Eyewitness Account of Bank Robbery Suspect (Video)

In Panama City, Carter Johnson had just witnessed a man who had attempted to rob a credit union trying to flee the scene in his truck.

Thankfully, local ABC affiliate WMBB got Johnson on camera -- coonskin cap and all -- to recall the attempted robber's great escape.

You're going to have to see the video of the news report and just take it all in (Johnson appears at 1:05):

Somehow, WMBB was able to convert what came out of Johnson's mouth into words:

He came in Dukes of Hazzard. Getting it, digging like that, like Dale Jr., and then hooked up and shot forward, and then when he hooked up and shot forward, that's when he came in and hit.

Even better, a YouTube commenter managed to post-figure out a phonetic re-creation:

He came in Dewksa Hazerd, gitnit, diggin' li' 'at, li' dale joonyer, and he hook'd up n' shot for'erd, n' when hook'd up n' shot for'erd, 'at's when 'e came n', n' n' hit

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