Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty, No Thanks to Nancy Grace

The circus that is known as the Casey Anthony trial has come to an end with "Tot Mom" being found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse.

Was the evidence circumstantial? Sure. Did Casey Anthony's lawyers deliver some of the worst defense in modern TV-courtroom history? Of course.

And who can we blame for all of this?

Nancy Grace.

We were waiting for the smoking gun during the trial -- the definitive expert, in whatever aspect of the case, to point the finger at Casey Anthony for the 2008 death of her almost-3-year-old daughter, Caylee.

What came instead of proving or disproving evidence was the sensation of "Tot Mom," as Nancy Grace puts it.

The Pulp checked out Nancy Grace's coverage of the trial one day, which included an entire hour dedicated to Casey's father, George Anthony, shedding tears on the stand and denying an affair with volunteer Krystal Holloway.

If you hadn't already hit the "Who cares?" threshold by that point, we can't help you.

From Cindy Anthony saying she was the one searching for "chloroform" on the internet to see if it was making her dogs tired to the unnecessary testimony of the meter reader who found Caylee's remains, you knew there was nothing worthwhile coming out of that trial aside from some made-for-television drama provoked by Nancy Grace.

Grace nit-picked every point of defense attorney Jose Baez' on-the-fly defense, which didn't turn out to well for Grace, given the verdict.

Some of that on-the-fly defense of his client included that Caylee was never "missing," she never asked the cops to look for Caylee because she was handling her own investigation into her daughter's disappearance, George and Cindy Anthony killed Caylee, and Caylee accidentally drowned in the swimming pool.

Oh, and don't forget, Casey was molested by her parents as a child, according to the defense.

In the end, whether the prosecution painted Casey as a "lying, no-good slut" or not, Grace successfully made a mockery of what we were interpreting as an American judicial system.

Now she's slowly eating her words, saying she was more surprised by Casey's verdict than O.J. Simpson's.

Above the Law's Staci Zaretsky put it most eloquently: "Nancy Grace didn't just have a cow -- instead, I think she gave birth to an entire herd."

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Matthew Hendley
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