Casey Anthony Mask Winning Bidder, Unsurprisingly, Isn't Ponying Up the $1 Million

It looks like the eBay buyer who won an auction for a Casey Anthony latex mask with a $999,000 bid just did it to leave some neutral feedback on the seller's page.

eBay user "jnco6970" is no longer a registered member of the website but did leave the following feedback for "prophunter" after his nonpurchase of the mask:

"You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to profit off a childs death!!!"

After bidding on the mask reached $24,000 the morning before the auction ended, it looked pretty likely that no one was actually going to pay for the thing -- especially since the seller said there were eight others exactly like it.

One hint to that effect was the 16 bids that were either retracted or canceled during the course of the three-day auction, most claiming they entered the wrong dollar amount on their bids.

Now there are other supposed scam artists trying to get attention on eBay, like this guy, who claims he's selling number eight in the series of nine masks, except the auction uses the same pictures and description as the last auction.

That auction ends tomorrow night, and bidding is already approaching $100,000.

Our sister paper to the south, Miami New Times, describes the bidder's nonpayment as a "kamikaze move," since he already received 81 pieces of positive feedback in his online auction career.

The seller in the original mask auction seemed to be legitimate, since he was recently able to sell a silicone head with a retractable scalp as well as a bendable six-foot mannequin.

The moral of the story: People love being trolls on the internet.

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