Casey Anthony Probation Update: Still No Job or Money, Now Says She Hasn't Been Boozing

Casey Anthony showed up to her third monthly probation meeting last week, and she apparently hasn't been doing anything.

The Florida Department of Corrections says Anthony's probation reports are redacted to prevent people from knowing where she lives, so they send out monthly news releases to let everyone know how she's doing.

Anthony earned a grand total of zero dollars over the past month and, not surprisingly, remains unemployed.

Really, the only change over the past month is that she now says she hasn't consumed any alcohol.

As we've mentioned before, Anthony's terms of probation allow her to drink alcohol, but she's not allowed to "consume alcoholic beverages to the extent that your normal faculties are impaired."

She's previously told her probation officer that she had been drinking, although she "says she did not drink to excess" -- but she's apparently given up the juice.

Anthony's terms of probation stipulate that she must "work diligently at a lawful occupation" -- which she hasn't, although we've mentioned before that she did receive a $500,000 job offer from Larry Flynt.

The DOC didn't mention whether she's been attending vocational or educational classes -- which she still hadn't been doing in previous months -- so what exactly she's doing is beyond us.

"At the present time, no violations have been noted," the DOC says. "Her probation officer continues to supervise her based on the conditions set forth by the court."

Here are the exact terms of probation for Anthony:

Anthony is on probation for check fraud until August 2012.

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