Cash for Homemade Videos (Must Be G-Rated)

A Lighthouse Point man named Greg Horn is offering $5,000 for what he and "a panel of passionate experts" deem to be the best three-minute, conservation-minded video. For specifics about the national contest, visit this website

Horn, a one-time CEO of vitamin vendor GNC, suggests that contestants tackle subjects like "why we shouldn't use plastic grocery bags" or "why everyone should eat organic fruits and veggies." So far, Horn says he has only received a handful of video submissions. He adds that the Sun-Sentinel has offered to pony up an unspecified cash prize for a local submission.

Lewd submissions will likely be weeded out, Horn cautions, but there's a chance that videos espousing the "if it's yellow, let it mellow" argument will make the cut.

Who might make such a toilet-inspired video? Turns out, there's already one on Youtube! (This video does not contain bodily waste.)

Does little Ladybird Slater take the prize? 

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