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Cash4Gold Offers to Take Over Cash for Clunkers

Jeffrey Aronson and his partner in Cash4Gold are mighty proud of themselves. They wrote a letter to Congress and the White House boasting of how their Pompano Beach-based company has turned a recession into a windfall. Now they're offering to turn the same trick for the feds. An offer the Washington Post took seriously enough to mention in today's article about the much-maligned federal program for buying gas-guzzling cars. The company posted its letter on its website.

The Post article fails to mention that Aronson and co-founder Howard Mofshin are interested in a gambit that was first suggested in satirical fashion by writers for The Onion at the White House Radio and Television Correspondent's dinner. Writes the Cash4Gold founders:

During that segment it was suggested that the U.S. consider sending us the national gold reserve in exchange for cash. We would be happy to discuss that suggestion should you desire to do so, please call our toll-free hotline at 1-877-GOLD-590.
That Onion video, and more from Cash4Gold's brainstorming session after the jump.

U.S. To Trade Gold Reserves For Cash Through

Among the strategies for boosting federal coffers, Cash4Gold suggests that the government bolster its list of celebrity endorsements beyond that Barack guy.

With the world's biggest celebrity already backing your program (and we mean that strictly as a compliment), you clearly have taken a huge step in the right direction. But you may be surprised at the impact that other stars with different constituencies might have on your campaign.
Cash4Gold's two celebrity pitchmen are M.C. Hammer and Ed McMahon. Hammer's people say he's game. But McMahon's might be tougher to wrangle. "He's dead," says a source with knowledge of McMahon's schedule.

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