Category305 Blows Over

Bad news: The Miami web newspaper Category305 is gone. Rebecca Wakefield and Celeste Fraser Delgado gave it a valiant effort, with at least one house second-mortgaged. It just never really took, which is a shame since it was a quality pub.

Here's the death notice, written by Delgado:

From: Celeste Delgado Subject: c305 sendoff Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 11:01:15 -0500 To: Rebecca Wakefield

Hello Dear Friends,

As you may have noticed, Category305 is no more. I meant to send you all individual notes before the site went down, but every time I tried it made me too sad. So please forgive me for this group missive, even if a bit late.

We had a great run and it's not all over. Double the Vote is still up and we hope to build on the success of that endeavor. Both Rebecca and I have been hired as contributing editors to MOLI, a new social networking site. Rebecca will be covering the national election starting in January and I'm already covering worthy causes at We'll be migrating some of our favorite c305 content to a MOLI profile as well. (I have everything saved as pdf files). I'll also be working with Mia Leonin and who ever else I can convince to continue covering the Miami performing arts scene starting in January (check out the profile at

Most important, I want to invite you all to a little sendoff celebration next Saturday .... There will be food and prizes -- and lots of love for all of you who contributed so much.

Hope to see you then, CFD

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