Censure for Sylvia Poitier?

Remember last week's ridiculous video of the Deerfield Beach Commission in action? It appears Vice Mayor Sylvia Poitier has exhausted the patience of a colleague or two, because we have confirmed that at least one commissioner is exploring the possibility of censuring Poitier.

It would be a risky move. Poitier's liable to hold a personal grudge against a commissioner who would bring that action against her. Also, the censure would bring more media attention to the rivalries on a commission that historically has struggled to keep its focus on city business. Finally, a censure does little except embarrass the official -- and Poitier already does a fine job of that on her own.

Then again, if not censure, what else can the city do to make Poitier accountable? At last Tuesday's meeting, she had time to make a spectacle of the vote on the pier lease but did not, apparently, have time to stay for the last item on the agenda, walking off the dais while the other commissioners prepared to vote. She's launched embarrassing diatribes from the dais against blogger Chaz Stevens. And Poitier's the subject of a great many ethical questions over her involvement with a nonprofit whose funding passes through the city.

By censuring her, at least the commissioners would make it clear to residents that such behavior is not tolerated. And maybe Poitier would be offended enough to not run for reelection.

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