Cenziper Wins Pulitzer

Debbie Cenziper won a much-deserved Pulitzer Prize in the local category yesterday for her series House of Lies. Behind the series, which detailed corruption and mismanagement in Miami-Dade public housing, was editor Mike Sallah, who also should be congratulated.

The award gave the Miami Herald's the edge over the Sun-Sentinel in the Pulitzer category. To date, it's the Herald 19, the Sentinel 0.

After the jump: The V. Tech Shooting Story Has Only Just Begun

A massacre of 32 people is enough to jostle the country. But as the victims become known, the real horror of the V. Tech shootings is going to hit home. Look at this page on CNN. And forget that the network's website has a story about the killer, Choi Seung-Hui, being identified with a picture of the resident adviser he killed (what a horrid gaffe). Look at the blurb about that R.A., Ryan Clark, who held a 4.0 average and was almost set to graduate. Then look at the academics who were killed. Kevin Granata, "one of the top five biomechanics researchers in the country working on movement dynamics in cerebral palsy." Liviu Librescu, who was "recognized internationally for his research in aeronautical engineering." And G. V. Loganathan, a gifted engineering professor.

And that's just the first four.

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