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Chad Henne Found in Bahamas Dancing With Fake Boobs

Dolphins fans haven't seen moves like this from Chad Henne since... yeah, never. Nor is he usually that calm under pressure. Yes, NFL players are currently locked out, and even if that weren't the case, Henne's job would be in jeopardy. But the robotic one was spotted this week in the Bahamas, partying it up like, well, like a young man on spring break.

Unfortunately for Henne, there are photos, and they include him dancing around with two balloons stuffed into his shirt like fake boobs.

TMZ broke the story early yesterday morning, going with the obvious "making a boob of himself" headline. The Herald went with the predictable "Henne acts like a boob" in a blog post about the photos in which Armando Salguero asks coach Tony Sparano what he thinks.

From that post:

"My problem is I don't have the ability to talk to him so I really can't comment on this right now," Sparano said.

I asked, "I assume that's not what you want to see from your quarterback?"

"Good assumption," Sparano answered.

Sparano is indeed in a tough spot. He obviously isn't happy Henne is seen in this pose. Fact is, Sparano spent part of his early-morning press breakfast with writers talking about how he's sure Henne is working hard to improve his game.

This week also brought news that the Bengals aren't interested in trading Carson Palmer, which is unfortunate for Dolphins fans, because he may have been a nice fit. Either way, if the lockout lasts longer than expected or even if the management just wises up and cuts bait with Henne, this very well may be the last South Florida sees of this guy.

Fair to say Henne gives new meaning to the word "bust"? Sorry...

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