Chad Johnson Set Free After Apologizing For Smacking His Lawyer's Butt

A judge ordered the release of former Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson from his 30-day sentence in the clink after he apologized on Monday morning for smacking his lawyer in the ass in court last week.

The Artist Formerly Known As Ocho Cinco had spent seven days in jail before today's apology. Judge Kathleen McHugh gave Johnson his freedom after he issued his mia culpa over what she felt was on-going courtroom shenanigans from the former receiver.

Johnson's attorney had freed his client from hot water after he violated his probation stemming from his domestic violence conviction in August 2012 for head-butting then wife Evelyn Lozada.

When Johnson learned he had been given clemency for his violation, he gave his attorney a congratulatory smack in the butt, which didn't sit well with McHugh.

On Monday, the judge reminded why Johnson was in trouble to begin with.

McHugh reminded him Monday why he was in court in the first place:

"You split her face open, causing a three-inch gash that required eight stitches," McHugh said. "I'm sure her face was disfigured for at least 30 days... You were given a gift of probation. In my opinion, you threw that gift away" by failing to abide by the terms, she said.

According to the arrest report from August of 2012, Johnson and his wife had arrived to their Davie home from grocery shopping. As Lozada was taking the groceries into the house, she spotted a condom receipt in the trunk of the car. She and Johnson then sat in their Smart Car and discussed their marriage, because there's no better place to have a heated discussion about possible infidelities than inside an insanely cramped vehicle.

It was at this point that things got crazy.

Johnson became upset during the argument and allegedly grabbed Lozada. The report says Johnson hit her with his cranium, causing a three-inch laceration on her head.

Chad then began screaming, "I don't give a fuck about my career!"

After the altercation, Johnson was released by the Dolphins and his VH1 reality show was canceled.

Johnson apologized personally to McHugh for disrespecting her courtroom. She felt the apology was remorseful enough to grant him his freedom.

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