Chad Johnson Taken Into Custody For Probation Violation

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson, who had allegedly violated his probation earlier this month, was ordered back in jail on a token $1,000 bond by Broward County Judge Kathleen McHugh on Monday.

Johnson will have a final violation of probation hearing on June 3. If he is found guilty of violating his parole, the judge can formally enter a conviction on the domestic violence charge and jail the former wide receiver for up to a year.

A warrant was issued for Johnson on May 7 after he allegedly failed to report to his probation officer.

The probation stemmed from Johnson's domestic violence conviction for his August 2012 arrest for head-butting then-wife Evelyn Lozada.

Johnson apparently failed to report to his probation officer and, as a result, a judge issued an arrest warrant on May 7.

Johnson was taken into custody Monday morning. He is expected to post bond sometime this afternoon. However, his conviction will not go on his criminal record, just as long as he stays out of trouble, Judge McHugh said.

According to the Broward County District Attorney's Office, Johnson will have to appear in a hearing where it'll be determined if he did, in fact, violate probation, which could mean time behind bars.

According to the arrest report from August of 2012, Johnson and his wife had arrived to their Davie home from grocery shopping. As Lozada was taking the groceries into the house, she spotted a condom receipt in the trunk of the car. She and Johnson then sat in their Smart Car and discussed their marriage, because there's no better place to have a heated discussion about possible infidelities than inside an insanely cramped vehicle.

It was at this point that things got crazy.

Johnson became upset during the argument and allegedly grabbed Lozada. The report says Johnson hit her with his cranium, causing a three-inch laceration on her head.

Chad then began screaming, "I don't give a fuck about my career!"

After the altercation, Johnson was released by the Dolphins and his VH1 reality show was canceled.

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