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Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, Former NFL Player, Losing Davie Mansion to Foreclosure

Update: It seems, through Chad Johnson's Twitter feed, that he claims to have paid his housing fees after his home was ordered foreclosed.
In his lifetime, Chad Johnson has been a six-time Pro Bowl NFL receiver, a man known as "Chad Ochocino," a reality-television star, and, apparently, a person who couldn't pay his mortgage. 

Johnson, who owned a mansion in Davie until last week, seems to have run into some financial trouble. According to court filings, Johnson's 6,000-square-foot home, at 2899 Juniper Lane, was foreclosed earlier this month and will be put up for public sale in April.

In the world of juiced-up supermen, tattooed outlaws, and attention-hungry prima donnas that is the National Football League, Johnson, who grew up in Miami, managed to stand out like a unicorn during his playing days. He spent the prime of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals — in that time, he was a fantasy stud and caught more than 1,000 receiving yards in seven of his first nine seasons. He was elected to six Pro Bowls during that same stretch. 

But Johnson, never content with quiet success, also legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ochocinco — in honor of his jersey number, 85 — in 2008, to the chagrin of fun-hating people everywhere. He also starred in a reality-TV dating series called Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch , which ran for a single season on VH1 in 2010. 

Johnson bounced to the New England Patriots in 2011 and then signed with the hapless Miami Dolphins the following year. (He also changed his name back to "Johnson" in 2012, in an effort to "find himself" again.) But before his season with the Dolphins began, he was arrested for domestic battery, and the team cut him before he ever touched the field.

His legal woes have, apparently, continued. In February 2015, the Long Lake Ranches West Homeowner's Association placed a lien on his home, claiming he owed more than $3,500. After Johnson didn't pay up, the association sued him in May of that year. On March 1, a Broward County judge officially granted a final motion of foreclosure on Johnson's home. According to property records, the home is currently worth roughly $1.1 million.

In the unlikely chance you have a spare million dollars laying around, the home will be posted for sale at on April 15. 

Perhaps Johnson's financial woes explain why he's been Feelin' the Bern lately:

Here's the latest court filing:

This post has been updated.
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