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Chad Ochocinco Signs With Miami Dolphins; Team Already Has a Number 85 (Update: He's Got It)

Update: The team tweeted this morning that Ochocinco has been given number 85; I missed it. No word yet on whether he did anything to get it.

The Dolphins confirmed yesterday that they'd signed wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, whom you may recognize from his role last year as Tom Brady's last resort. Ochocinco was released by the New England Patriots last week but worked out with the Dolphins yesterday. How long until somebody tells him his number is taken?

Rookie receiver Rishard Matthews was assigned the big 8-5 after being taken in the seventh round of this year's draft. Ochocinco, formerly a football star at Miami Beach Senior High, is now the biggest name in the Dolphins roster -- maybe he'll just take the number from Matthews, maybe he'll trade him a watch or a semitruck or something. Or maybe he'll change his name again -- the only receiver numbers not taken on the current Dolphins active roster are 12 and 13. CHAD UNODOS, ladies and gentlemen!

(Left a message with the Dolphins to see what's actually going down.)

Whether Ocho's reported one-year contract will be worth it is still to be seen -- he made only 15 catches last year on a Patriots team where he was utterly ignored, and he's attracted headlines like "Chad Ochocinco plans to defy the NFL and Tweet during games" and, more recently, "EVELYN & CHAD'S WEDDING REJECTED from Miami Hotels." If Brandon Marshall was traded because of bad chemistry, what is Ochocinco expected to do?

Whatever happens, it'll at least be fun to watch.

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