Chad Pennington Featured in Tom Brady ESPN Documentary

This week ESPN is airing a documentary about Tom Brady, or more specifically, about the six quarterbacks who were taken before him in the 2000 draft. The movie, "The Brady 6," chronicles the careers (or lack thereof) of the men scouts thought at the time would be better than Brady, who, aside from his three Super Bowl rings, two MVPs, millions of dollars, models on his arm, and piling passing records, has been a complete failure.

The most successful of the other guys taken is probably Chad Pennington, who may or may not be a former Dolphin.

The movie focuses on Pennington's magical 2008 season with the Dolphins, and his remarkable propensity for coming back from his also remarkable ability to get injured.

Pennington, even with his unstable career, proved hundreds of times better than folks like Spurgen Wynn, Tee Martin, and Giovanni Carmozzi, who was taken by San Francisco 135 picks before the Northern California-native Brady, but never started a regular season game.

Below is a clip from the Pennington portion of the film, where, in his best Matthew Mcconaughey voice, Chad talks about his thoughts going into the Jets games in 2008, the year the Dolphins won the AFC East. (The 2008 season was, not coincidentally, the year Brady got hurt in week 1 and missed every game thereafter.)

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