Chad Pennington Tears His ACL Playing Basketball

Chad Pennington, the two-time NFL Comeback Player of the Year, would surely make a third run at the award if he returned to the field next season. But that doesn't seem likely now.

The former Dolphins quarterback, and current free agent, tore his ACL while playing a game of pickup basketball and will undergo knee surgery on April 7. He was already recovering from the fourth surgery on his right shoulder as well as an operation to repair his elbow. It's still not clear which knee was injured.    

The 34-year-old Pennington was hoping to return to the gridiron next season but had some doubts about how much his body could take.

"I still have desire and passion to play the game," he told ESPN in January. But he also added, "At any given time, my body can say, 'That's enough.' It will be an interesting time. It's a step of faith to see how far I can take this."

Given the severity of a torn ACL, this may mark the end of Pennington's injury-plagued career.

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