Chad Who, Now?

I'm not going to wax poetic about the best game of the football season so far, but here's a few thoughts.  

-- This may be the rare team with a harder-hitting offense than defense. It had Jon Gruden all giddy. I do love, and always have loved, Ricky Williams. With his partner Ronnie Brown, this running game so far this year has been the best I've ever seen.

-- Chad Henne is no Brian Griese. Neither is Sanchez. Steve Young, a guy who never really got the chance to be a young pro quarterback, said it was the best duel of young quarterbacks he's ever seen. 

-- After the jump comes a quote from Sun-Sentinel columnist Dave Hyde that may guarantee a strong go at it for the Dolphins the rest of the season. It came on September 29, just three games into the year:


So Pennington's injury is a mixed blessing in that regard. It takes away the decision. It means there's no headlines, no controversy, no threat of a split locker room or the weighing of winning a few games in a lost season against finding the necessary answer for tomorrow.

Italics added. 


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