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Charges in Boynton Murder; Crack Deal Turned Into Shootout

Looks like Boynton Police had the same hunch as Juice: that Dieuny Pasius, who was dumped at Bethesda Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound on January 11, is the man who shot and killed 23-year-old Benton Lineau that same night.

Lineau was shot at a vacant home along the 2000 block of NE Third Street in what appears to be a drug deal that turned into an argument over a robbery.

The probable-cause affidavit cites an interview that the 19-year-old Pasius gave from his bed at Delray Medical Center:

Pasius phoned Lineau to coordinate a marijuana buy. But when Lineau arrived at the vacant house to execute the deal, he accused Pasius of robbing his home of drugs and guns.

Pasius then allegedly pulled a gun and shot Lineau, who returned fire, hitting Pasius, who fled from the scene.

Pasius called his friend, identified as Mulot Ena, a 21-year-old who allegedly drives a beige Toyota Corolla like the one that was scene dropping off Pasius and then speeding away from Bethesda Memorial.

Police didn't find any marijuana near Lineau, but they did find a bit of crack cocaine, and according to the probable-cause affidavit, Pasius was under the influence of crack during the incident.

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Thomas Francis