Charles Harper, Who Accused Judge of Sexual Abuse, Arrested in Burglary in West Palm

Damn. JAABlog, an early source for our story on Charles Harper that devolved into a mess of sexual-abuse allegations against a sitting judge, has an update on his whereabouts.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office records show that Harper was arrested at the end of June for unarmed burglary in an unoccupied dwelling in West Palm Beach. He's been in the county's main jail since June 21. He's being held on $20,000 bond.

We've requested incident reports for more details.

Harper was living in Miami at the time we reported on his case in January. After being released from the custody of his mother by the state, Harper was plucked from the courtroom by Judge John Bowman, who eventually brought the child to live in his home in Plantation. Both parties agree that their years together were pretty horrible, and the judge and his wife kicked Harper out of the house to live in a series of group homes before his 18th birthday. Harper was arrested for stalking the judge when he appeared outside his home in December.

Harper told New Times that Bowman had sexually abused him. He recounted the details to a Plantation police officer. Meanwhile, Bowman called Harper a liar, a "sociopath," and a "dirtbag."

Plantation police have fallen asleep on the sex-abuse claims, not releasing any details or closing the investigation. Meanwhile, Harper's most recent escapade may erode any remaining credibility he had after copping to the stalking charges in February.

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