Charlie Crist Announces His Fair Shot Florida Plan

On Tuesday, Charlie Crist's campaign sent out an email alert about a major policy announcement coming down the pike in the afternoon.

And it appears that the major policy is something called "Fair Shot Florida."

Fair Shot is being described as Crist's "middle-class jobs and opportunity plan" and was launched via a nifty interactive website that includes a picture of Crist in a retina-burning pink shirt staring down a woman like an angry cartoon vulture.

But that's neither here nor there.

The gist of the plan seems to be the undoing of the mess that Rick Scott created.

Crist's plan is to go all George Costanza on Florida and do the opposite of what Scott has done, namely: Raise the minimum wage, increase funds for public schools, and expand Medicaid.

"When I was last governor, during the greatest recession in our nation's history, I saw the kind of economic anxiety that, today, is still impacting too many families," Crist writes in the Fair Shot introduction. "That's why I governed not as a partisan ideologue, but as a Floridian. Things couldn't be more different today. The crew in charge is governing from the fringes, not caring about everyday people but only about their cronies."

The 22-page plan starts off by breaking down all the ways Scott has screwed Florida, including his $1.3 billion cut for education and his lack of job creation.

(The plan also seems to cite the Tampa Bay Times a lot, which is fine, but New Times has written plenty of stuff ripping Scott -- FOOD FOR THOUGHT, CHARLIE.)

Either way, Fair Shot spends the first 12 pages taking Scott down and reminding people what a terrible, awful, no-good governor he's been.

The website specifically highlights Scott's failures with hella creepy images of the governor like this one below, along with notes describing his screw-ups. Although, to be fair, it's really, really, really hard to find a photo of Rick Scott that isn't hella creepy.

Then, it finally gets into what Charlie Crist will do differently, including extending health-care coverage and urging the Florida Legislature to pass a minimum wage of $10.10.

He also says he'll reverse education cuts by raising per-child funding to $7,405.79.

Crist also promises that, as soon as he's sworn in, he will "walk into the Historic Old Capitol and issue a series of executive orders designed to restore good government."

Among those executive orders:

Addressing Open Government, equal pay for women, a minimum wage for state contractors, and equal opportunity and prohibition of discrimination in Florida's state government.

But mostly, Charlie Crist is promising to undo everything Rick Scott has done. And while we all knew that was going to be his plan anyway, it wasn't official until now that it's been put on a cool website.

You can read the full Fair Shot Florida plan below:

fair shot by Chris Joseph

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