Charlie Crist Is Bombarding People With Emails, and They're Getting Angry About It

With the election less than two months away, Charlie Crist is ratcheting things up by hitting Facebook and Twitter to remind people that he's challenging Rick Scott and he's a man of the people.

Crist has for months now tried his darnedest to contrast his campaign with Scott's megamillions one by incorporating a sort of grass-roots movement through social media.

But it might be backfiring on him now down the stretch run.

If your email address somehow found itself on the Crist campaign mailing list, then you know full well the issue at hand: The Charlie Crist campaign is sending a crapload of emails into people's inboxes asking for donations and pointing out how terrible Scott is. We're talking multiple emails per day every day.

And according to Twitter, people are getting freaking fed up.

Emails that begin with, "FIVE WEEKS, MIKE," and "RIGHT NOW, SUSAN, THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW" have been coming and coming and coming in droves. Most of the emails are succinct reminders that the campaign needs donations and that voting day is approaching.

Harmless enough -- it's politics, after all. But seven emails a day gets to be kind of a pain in the ass.

On Tuesday, Crist's campaign changed things up a bit and tried to get hip by sending an email from Florida Finance Director Greg Goddard replete with .gifs from the film Jurassic Park and the television show Parks & Recreation.

It was an attempt at being Buzzfeedy with a listicle of why Scott being reelected would be a bad thing. It was clever and original. But in the end, it was just another email asking for money.

And a quick scan through Twitter reveals that people are fed up:

The race is tight. And while Scott is very much unpopular, that doesn't mean this an automatic lock for Crist.

Mainly because people hate him as much as they hate Scott.

So, Crist may want to settle down with the emails. It's stuff like this that can tip the scales.


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