Charlie Crist Nominates Self for the American Party

Wouldn't it be great if American politics were as simple as Charlie Crist thinks it is? See the video after the jump. Crist is not a Republican. He's not a Democrat. He's an American. He can even spell the word!

The ad is cynicism disguised as idealism. Crist pretends to appeal to our notions about what is great about America, but it's clearly a trick to help us forget about our specific issues long enough so that we cast our ballots for him. After that, he's going to have to make decisions that will necessarily be divisive.

Not to be outdone, Crist nemesis Marco Rubio has just launched a non sequitur of his own on, where he declares, "I represent what I stand for."

And yet somehow, in a video with quick action-y cuts, Kendrick Meek still seems like the most boring candidate.

I liked this race better when it involved Mike Tyson and a yachtful of hookers.


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