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Charlie Crist's Fan: On Twitter Since 2010

The debate moderator called it an "extremely peculiar situation."

ThinkProgress called it "The Absolute Weirdest Thing Ever to Happen at a Political Debate."

Tonight's gubernatiorial debate was stalled for seven minutes while Rick Scott initially refused to come onstage because Charlie Crist had an electric fan under the podium.

For much of the world, this was the first time they'd ever paid attention to Charlie Crist's fan. But Politico explained, "The famously-tan Crist is legendary for carrying a black fan."

A Washington Post story from February details how he sent an assistant to get a fan to keep him cool:

Crist sent her to Target. While Crist sits patiently in a chair, rubbing anti-glare cream on his face, Clark jumps a curb in her car, carrying a mini tower fan. Crist can't be seen sweating. "I definitely broke a few laws to get this," she says, bursting into the room with moments to spare. She puts the fan on the ground beside Crist. But it's not hitting him quite right. So she kneels on her leaf-print skirt and holds it up, the cool air kissing Crist's face as it glows in the spotlight.

And in fact, Charlie Crist's fan has had its own Twitter account for more than four years. It's apparently a parody written by a Crist hater.

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Looks like Charlie Crist's fan made its debut on Twitter May 8, 2010, with this tweet:

As Crist's campaigning ramped up:

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The tweets kept coming steadily and devotedly over the years:

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The fan basked in the glory of its newfound fame last night:

To see the whole feed, click here.

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