Charlie Crist's First Field Office to Open in Broward This Week

The Charlie Crist campaign has announced that it will open an office in Broward County this upcoming weekend.

The field office, which will be located at 320 S. University Drive in Plantation, is the first Crist field office to open in Florida as the former governor preps for another go at Tallahassee.

The Broward office's grand opening will be held on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. and will be the central hub for the most Democratic county in Florida to start its push to get the once-Republican governor back into office as a Democratic governor.

The Crist campaign sent out an email calling the field office a place "where supporters come together to make calls, plan the outreach, and of course, drink the coffee that will keep us working hard all the way through November 4th."

As it is with any field office, it'll be rife with supporters and volunteers wrapped in a grass-roots veneer who will be going door-to-door and making phone calls and passing out fliers and buttons, all in support of the man many hope will unseat Gov. Rick Scott.

"The work done at this office is how politics should be," the campaign email says. "Organizing that'll stand up against an onslaught of spending."

The last polls to have come out on the race have shown Crist leading Scott by as much as seven points, which isn't much. But Scott seems to be stuck in perpetual unpopularity with the majority of the state, especially with his latest flubbing of the Affordable Care Act.

Recently, Scott was caught lying about 300,000 Floridians having lost their insurance due to Obamacare. And there are other factors involved in Scott's plummeting numbers.

For his part, Crist has gone Full Democrat, reversing his once-staunch stance on such things as the environment, medical marijuana, gay marriage, and, of course, Obamacare.

Back in November, the Republicans launched their first attack ad against Crist, calling him a flip-flopper and using quotes by Marco Rubio that, unlike Crist, Scott has created jobs and has restored Floridians' hope about the future.

In February, Crist appeared on The Colbert Report, where he said the main reason the GOP is so angry at his turning and siding with President Obama is due, in part, because of race.

"I've seen a level of vitriol directed at this president that I have never seen directed at, you know, President Kennedy or maybe President Johnson or even President Carter," Crist told Colbert.

Those interested in volunteering at the Broward office can click here to sign up.

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