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Charlie Crist's Gay Marriage Reversal: Twitter Responds

Late Wednesday evening, Charlie Crist set off a small detonation in the political sphere by throwing his support behind gay marriage. Now, this wasn't exact a surprise. Since officially signing his Democrat papers six months ago, the former Florida governor has been slowly ditching his old Republican stances. Crist 2.0 is expected to take a run again at the Florida governor's office, this time on the blue ticket. Still, Crist's announcement last night kicked up a considerable response, especially among your everyday Twitter users. We scanned the results to take the temperature of the Twitterverse on Crist's new position.

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Of course, you had people who were happy for the support of a big-name politico.

But you also had the haters -- even dogging Crist for his platform of choice. To be fair, Facebook is where you post photos of your brother's kids, not where you announce major policy change.

Others were quick to lump Crist in with good company.

Then the Twitter comedians had their way.

Even getting personal.

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