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Chat Trap: Deerfield Man's Chatroom Sweetheart Sets Him Up for Robbery

Monday night was full of surprises for Jasper Morland Jr. It appears the 29-year-old Deerfield man had romance on his mind when he booked a room at the Super 8 in Pompano Beach. A fine place for an intimate evening with a woman he met in an online chatroom.

But before the lovebirds could start singing, there came a knock on the door. Morland's lady friend sauntered over to see who it could be. Imagine her astonishment when an armed man stormed into the room and demanded their money. From the Broward Sheriff's Office release:

When the man handed over his cash to the robber, the robber handed it to the woman.
What?!? This wasn't a damsel in distress!

Matter of fact, she wasn't even a damsel!

She was Yasmick Jeune, a 21-year-old man from Fort Lauderdale.

After a struggle with the alleged thieves, Morland managed to escape the room. Deputies have arrested Jeune, but they're still looking for her his alleged accomplice.

Here's the full release. Here's a link to the hallway scuffle between the suspect and Morland.

If there are other victims of this duo, I reckon it'll be tough for BSO detectives to get those guys to come forward and admit they were tricked into booking a hotel room with a man posing as a woman.

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