Cheap Mexican Airline Bound for Lauderdale Stalls on the Tarmac

Volaris is a low-cost airline based in Mexico that only recently decided to do business in the USA. In February the carrier promised to make its maiden flight from its Toluca home to the city that was to be its signature destination: Fort Lauderdale.

But in a move that will break hearts for locals bound for Mexico, and for Mexicans who would come this way, Volaris has changed its mind. Instead, it will begin its service with a flight to Los Angeles. The flights to Fort Lauderdale are at least a year away.

Currently, the only way you can get to Toluca from Fort Lauderdale is to connect in Mexico City. Or go to Miami for a direct flight.

Judging by the photo above, Volaris jets are distinguished by their tail's logo, which looks like the pixillation of edited-out nudity or profane gestures. That, and their willingness to let their jets advertise on the fuselage. Because apparently birds in Mexican skies are tempted by Krispy Kremes?

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