Check Out the Vegas Odds on South Florida Sports Teams Winning a Championship

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Last week was tough for Miami Heat fans. Watching LeBron James celebrate the Cavaliers' championship with 1.3 million of his closest friends at a downtown Cleveland parade brought back fond memories. South Florida can claim nothing close to a curse — not with five championships between the Marlins and Heat over the past 20 years.

While we can't cry hardship, losing almost feels worse because our sports market has drunk the championship champagne so much — we thirst for more. It's like comparing someone who has never eaten chocolate to someone who has a sweet tooth; they don't exactly deal with Snickers withdrawal the same way. 

So, which one of the four major professional sports teams in South Florida is closest to giving us another beautiful parade down Biscayne or Las Olas Boulevard? Let's take a look. 
Florida Panthers

Vegas odds: 25-1 via Vegas Insider 

Realistic odds: We're moderately blindly optimistic.

The Panthers were awesome all last year, then promptly got their asses punted from the playoffs with quickness; that didn't help ignite Panthers Fever in South Florida. Even though the team missed a golden opportunity to capture our hearts, from what every expert says this is a franchise not on the rise, but already here. Vegas seems to agree, as they have the Panthers as the most likely of all South Florida franchises to throw a parade in the near future. 
Miami Marlins

Vegas odds: 30-1 via Vegas Insider 

Realistic odds: We're not holding our breath.

On one hand, the Marlins are off to an uncharacteristically competitive start thus far; this has us feeling optimistic. On the other hand, the Marlins are the Marlins. It's been 12 years since they made the playoffs, and the chances that they will spend money at the trade deadline to compete with other contenders is nonexistent; you could say all that makes us pessimistic. Vegas isn't so hot on them either, placing them toward the middle of the pack in their odds to win it all. 

If the playoffs started today, the Marlins would be participating for the third time in franchise history. The other two times the Marlins made the playoffs, they won it all. There — we said something nice about the Marlins. Yes, that counts.
Miami Heat

Vegas odds: 30-1 via Vegas Insider 

Realistic odds: Our mind is telling us no, but our body is telling us YES. 

Winning a title in the NBA is almost impossible, which makes it so much more amazing that the Heat have done it three times over the last ten years. While we love the Heat, Dwyane Wade, and a lot of the up-and-coming young talent they have, we know that it's unlikely the current roster can beat the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, or Cleveland Cavaliers four times out of seven next June. 

What makes the NBA so great is that everything can change in one day in July, just like it did the day LeBron brought his talents to South Beach. If the Heat are able to land Kevin Durant in the next few weeks, you can bet these Vegas odds will skyrocket. Get your money on the Heat while the betting's cheap.
Miami Dolphins 

Vegas odds: 60-1 via Vegas Insider 

Realistic odds: NOPE. 

I mean, no. Of all the sports, the NFL seems to have the most teams come out of nowhere to win it all, yet none of those teams since the early '70s have been the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins haven't even been close. American Idol came out, had 15 seasons, and retired since the Dolphins even last won a playoff game — ONE GAME! Do you remember how long ago Kelly Clarkson happened? It's been longer since the Dolphins gave you a playoff win. So no, they aren't winning a handful all at the same time this season.

We could be wrong, but we probably won't be wrong, and Vegas agrees. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.