Chicken Wings From Publix Maim Broward Man, Lawsuit Claims

A Broward man is probably taking a second look at vegetarianism after a bad fried chicken wing almost killed him, according to a recent court filing.

Peter Bookholt claims that a fried chicken wing he bought from a Pompano Beach Publix in August 2010 contained stray metal, so he's suing the grocery giant for medical costs and other damages, a Broward County Civil Court document says.

Here's what supposedly happened: Shortly after lunching on a chicken wing, Bookholt "felt as if he was choking."

So Bookholt went to Northwest Medical Center. He had emergency surgery.

Turns out, Bookholt's lunch didn't agree with his stomach. A wing "contained a foreign object, to wit: a 25 mm piece of wire," the filing says.

Bookholt, who's demanding a jury trial, says the Lakeland-based chain's screwed up, causing him "past, present, and future disability, discomfort, disfigurement, inability to lead a normal life, shame, humiliation and scarring."

Bookholt and his lawyer say that Publix has a duty to "ensure that the food is served free of harmful substances."

Unlike bones or overly crunchy breading, a piece of wire is not a "reasonably expected" hazard when eating chicken wings, meaning Publix is at fault for Bookholt's ails, the lawyer says.

So much for breasts being men's undoing...

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Victoria Bekiempis