Chip LaMarca Still May Run for Congress in District 22

The day Broward Vice Mayor Kristin Jacobs held her official campaign kickoff for the U.S. House of Representatives, fellow County Commissioner Chip LaMarca told the Sun-Sentinel he's "very seriously considering" running for Allen West's old seat too.

LaMarca, a Republican, has been "considering" a run for a while -- he told the Palm Beach Post almost two weeks ago that he needed to "look at this," and he told the Shark Tank last week that "I am serious about it. I'm not going to drag it out if I am not a viable candidate."

He also said he'd have a decision made over the weekend. Seeing that it's Tuesday, maybe we're supposed to take his

dragging it out as a sign that he's in?

While he's deciding, his potential opponents are gathering: Democrat and former Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel had more than $1 million on hand going into January. Frankel is set to take on Jacobs in a Democratic primary.

LaMarca would have a Republican primary opponent himself -- former state House Minority Leader Adam Hasner switched into the District 22 race from his original intention of running for Senate and has since picked up endorsements from former Gov. Jeb Bush, U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and West himself. He also had almost $800,000 in campaign funds at the beginning of the year.

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