Chris Bosh Nearly Choked on a Piece of Confetti Last Night

So there was Chris Bosh, sitting on the stage, championship lid on his head, soaking in the amazeballs feeling it is to be a two-time NBA Champion, when it was all almost undone by a single piece of falling confetti.

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And, even as we celebrate his awesome goofiness, we just can't help but be convinced that he truly is a half-man, half-velociraptor.

This is exactly what a velociraptor would look like hacking out a bone, yes?

Many pundits and halfwits have been giving Bosh a lot of flack over his performance in these NBA Finals. Mainly because his usually reliable silky smoove jumper had betrayed him.

So, naturally, the meatheads are already wondering if he should be traded, and giving him zero credit for the Heat's second title under the Big Three.

But the Heat literally would not be 2013 champions today if not for Bosh. His Game 6 defensive heroics is stuff of legend, and his offensive rebound and kick-back to Ray Allen in the final seconds of Game 6 is the reason we're all celebrating today.

He might've had an inconsistent series on the offensive side of things.

And he might be a little goofy.

But he's our Bosh.

And he's as much a part of the Big Three as the other two guys.

Not to mention a member of The Avengers!

We're super glad he didn't die choking on some confetti.

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